‘Reading is the Key!’ for Christmas at Perdido School

Winning students, from left, front, Alex Lemieux, Asher Catrett, Brandon Bryars, Hunter Smith, Layla Smith, and Aleiah Crook. With them is Deputy Lucas Jones left, and Principal Phillip Stewart, right.

Special to Atmore News

Throughout the month of December students at Perdido Elementary School have been celebrating their success with reading during our first semester of school.

Everyone who earned their reading keys for the September / October and November / December timeframes enjoyed a “Holiday Happening” event hosted by the school library.

Students ran “Christmas Present” and “Peppermint Stick Twist” relay races, threw marshmallow snowballs, and played “Frosty Says!” while wintry treats of hot chocolate and popcorn were served on Friday, December 8.

As well, by keeping up with schoolwork (all of which depends upon reading!) and making good behavior choices, students had unlimited opportunities to catch as many gingerbread men as they could for the “You CAN catch a Gingerbread Man!” contest held on December 13. There was a raffle drawing for each prize and students had the option to place their gingerbread men in any or all of the containers corresponding to the prize of their choice.

Baldwin County Deputy Lucas Jones drew the names for the winning gingerbread men.