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Play ball!

From left, DeMarcus McMillian, AJ Beachy, Austin Snyder, Daniel Love, Cameron Cloud, Danny White, Zack Stewart, Dee Guy, Kyle Hostetler, Shane Rollin, Eugene Edwards, Trent Peebles, Chris Hughes, Gordon Brooks, Brandon Barber, Cody Norton, Guyel Martin, Logan Weber, umpire Raymond Robinson, Kentrae Boggan, Thaihee Staples, Adrian King, Josh Dorriety, Bailey Bass, home plate umpire Chris Harrison. Not pictured are Clay Smith, Tommy America and Josh Hochstetler.

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This ballgame had everything – great catches, errors, hits, a couple of homeruns and runs and runs and runs. And, no doubt, there were plenty of bruises and sore muscles the next day.
The Atmore Police Department Road Runners won over the Atmore Fire Department Plug Uglies in a benefit softball game Saturday evening, May 29. Proceeds went to The Forgotten Initiative, an organization that works with and for foster families and children. A fire department spokesman said the teams raised $1,455. He was pleased with the proceeds and with the community support both financially and in attendance.
The evening started with prayer, a moment of silence in observance of Memorial Day, the Pledge of Allegiance, and the National Anthem sung by Mary Catherine Hughes.
Air Care air ambulance delivered the game ball, actually landing on the ballfield. A medic brought the ball out to Xaine Turner who threw the first pitch.
Brandon Barber was the first pitcher for the Plug Uglies. Clay Smith was the first batter up for the Road Runners. Smith had a solid hit, reached third base and came home on the second batter for the first score of the game.
When the Plug Uglies came up, they were down 4-0. Logan Weber was starting pitcher for the Road Runners.
At the end of the first inning, AFD was up 6-4.
In the following innings, the police department continued to widen the lead.
Road Runner Adrian King had an in-the-park homerun. Road Runner Cody Norton was the only player on either team to hit one out of the park.
The final score was APD Road Runners 26, AFD Plug Uglies 19.
By the way, in case you wonder about the name Plug Uglies – According to a fire department spokesman, it’s an old firefighter term, possibly from the 1800s. The first firefighters to put water on the fire were paid by the insurance companies. The competing local fire departments would often fight, coming to blows, over the privilege and the payout afterward. Engine crews, knowing that whoever controlled the water would extinguish the fire, would send the meanest, toughest, goons they had ahead of the pumper to guard the plug. Anyone from another crew who came near it would have to fight him. These men were referred to as Plug Uglies.

Firefighter Chris Hughes grabs a fly ball
Brothers in prayer before the game

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