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APD investigating string of vandalisms

All four on Nashville, 31

News Staff Writer

Atmore police and the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office are investigating a string of vandalisms that occurred May 26 and left three downtown businesses and the county’s satellite courthouse damaged.
APD Capt. John Stallworth reported this week that vandals struck State Line Tire Shop, Atmore Animal Hospital, United Bank’s West Nashville branch and the county building. City police are handling the crimes at the businesses, while ECSO investigators are looking into the incident at the courthouse.
Stallworth said the four damaged sites, each located along U.S. 31 (Nashville Avenue), were apparently chosen at random by a person police believe was acting alone.
Most of the damage at each place was to plate glass windows, although other signs of vandalism were also present.
“It appeared to be random, not like he was targeting any business,” said Stallworth, who added that APD investigators have sent video footage from one of the business victims to an outside agency for possible enhancement. “We were able to obtain video that shows a person of interest in the area at the time the vandalisms happened.”
Police Chief Chuck Brooks said the video footage is “a little flaky,” but pointed out that investigators expect to get a clearer image of the person on the surveillance video.
Anyone with information regarding the acts of vandalism is urged to call police at 368-9095.