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Alondrea Bayne’s poem to be published

Alondrea Bayne

Special to Atmore News

The students at Escambia County Middle School were given the opportunity to participate in the 2019-2020 National Scholar Society’s Poetry Contest.
Alondrea Bayne’s poem, “Feeling”, has been selected to be published in the National Scholar Society’s prestigious annual student anthology, Award-Winning Young Writers of America 2019-2020.
Alondrea is in the fifth grade at ECMS. Her English Language Arts teacher is Karie Richburg.
Aondrea’s poem follows.


Alondrea Bayne

Sometimes you feel sad,
Sometimes you feel mad,
Sometimes you feel different emotions.
Sometimes you don’t feel needed,
then you try to fit in
but you don’t.
Sometimes you feel shy,
and that’s OK.
Sometimes you feel dead inside,
that’s how I feel every day.
You fall in love every day,
but that person does not like you.
It is OK you don’t need them.
That is how people feel everyday
Sometimes you feel lazy
and don’t want to run or walk
you just want to stay in bed all day.
That’s how kids feel but they keep on trying.