The Gingerbread Man visits Perdido Elementary

Students displaying Gingerbread Graphs, from left, front, Kayleigh Cook, Daniela Flores, Kadence Rolin; middle, K.J. Brown, Sean Presley, Eric Golden; back, David Cheney, Corbin Crysell, Landon Thomas, Brayden Harrelson.

Special to Atmore News

Students in Ms. Stabler’s first-grade class at Perdido Elementary School learned all about the Gingerbread Man; reading, math, team work, problem solving and architecture were all a part of this exciting lesson.

After reading the story, The Gingerbread Man by Karen Schmidt, the students discussed the sequence of events in the story with their classmates. They had the opportunity to pretend that they had become the fox in the story and they ate the gingerbread man! Students graphed each bite they took on their iPads, comparing with their classmates what the most popular first bite was.

So, just how do you eat a Gingerbread Man? These first-graders wrote a story explaining how they would eat a Gingerbread Man, that they shared with their classmates.

Next, the sneaky Gingerbread Man went for another run. However, this time he fell in the lake. Students observed what happens to the Gingerbread Man when placed in a tub of water, and quickly decided it is not safe for the Gingerbread Man to get in the water as he becomes soggy.