Just be fair

To the editor:

President Trump has accomplished more good things in his first 10 months than the last three presidents combined (24 years). President Trump sticks to his campaign promises regardless of his opposition. When he makes a promise, he tries his best to keep it. This is something we have not seen since President Ronald Reagan. In 2008, I remember President Obama stating that “marriage is between one man and one woman.” He later did a flip-flop. He also stated that “no tax money would be used to perform abortions.” He also did a flip-flop on this. He also drew a line in the sand pertaining to Syria using chemical weapons on their own people. He soon forgot where he drew the line.

The biased TV news media refuse to give President Trump credit for anything good that he gets accomplished. Example: When Mr. Trump was in the Republican Primary, Matthew Dowd and George Stephanopoulas (along with the rest of the liberal left news reporters) made constant statements that there was no way that Mr. Trump could win. They said the same thing when he ran against Hillary Clinton in the general election. It was reported that Hillary was projected to win by 71 percent of the vote. This paragraph shows that they were so biased that they had no idea how the people felt and would respond. They still don’t want to listen to the people. They pick and choose the people (most all are Democrats) they want to interview.

On the night of the election (when Mr. Trump started to win), Matthew and George (along with the rest) started reporting (the sky is falling) that the stock market had fallen over 500 points (it was still night, and the U.S. markets had not opened). The next morning the market showed a gain instead of a loss. No wonder that Mr. Trump calls the news media “Fake News.” The stock market was around 16,000 the day of the election. The stock market has increased over 50 percent from the night of the election to a record high of over 24,000. You don’t and you won’t hear George or Matthew report about this “all-time record.” They refuse to give any credit to Mr. Trump. I wish that we had a news media that we could trust and respect, but we don’t.

You have not heard them brag on the lowest unemployment that we have had in many years. Yes, unemployment is well below 4 percent. They had rather talk about the Prince of England than the great things that are happening in our own country. Unemployment and the stock market are two great indicators of the state of our economy. It is a sad day when the news media refuse to give credit when it is due. The economy has had a 3 percent improvement over the past two quarters. This is wonderful! Still, the biased liberal news media refuses to give the president any acknowledgement for this. During the eight years of Obama’s administration, we never saw a 3-percent quarter (not even close).

Every time that the president tries to help our country, the news media (along with Hollywood, liberal judges, Democrats – led by Nancy and Chuck) start attacking his agenda. In 2010 Chuck Schumer and his Democrats passed a bill (Diversity chain-visa migration). This bill allowed Saipov to enter our country on a chain visa.

Saipov was responsible for the deaths of eight people in New York and the injuring of 12 more. Through chain migration Saipov was allowed to choose 23 more immigrants to bring with him to our country. Two of the 23 are being closely monitored. All 23 should have their visas terminated and they should be deported immediately. This was a terrible bill for Chuck to push through. I wish that George would ask Chuck about this bill and what he and his people were thinking. Do they feel any responsibility for their stupid bill? President Trump made an executive order stopping immigration from certain countries, but it was overturned by a federal judge.

Have you ever noticed how the deck is stacked by George when he has his round table discussions? When he has a Republican at his table, he always has about three liberal Democrats, not counting himself. The Democrats and George always gang up and interrupt the Republican. If George wanted to be fair, he would have two from each party and would ask fair questions to each side. Better still, why not get common, everyday people instead of paid reporters?

In my opinion, Donald Trump is the best president that we have had since Ronald Reagan. He may not be “politically correct,” but he seems concerned, he gets involved and he puts forth an effort. He also tries to keep his promises. These are qualities that have been found lacking for the past 24 years.

I don’t think that George will ever invite anyone that loves our country to be on his news show.

I want to thank Atmore News … for printing articles that I have written in the past.

Thank you,

Leon Chavers
Walnut Hill, Fla.