Please think before you vote

As you read this, please understand this is my opinion – not necessarily that of the other owner of this business or of any of the folks who work here. It’s mine alone.

I wish I had kept the letter. We weren’t going to print it in the paper, but I wish I had kept it. I don’t remember who sent it – not a local person. It was one of the many form letters that make their way around during an election season.

This one started out something like this (paraphrased) – I honestly don’t understand how any people who call themselves Christians, who go to church every Sunday, could vote for Roy Moore.

There was more blasting in the opening paragraph, but that’s all I remember.

I take exception to this attack on more than one level.

Judge Roy Moore has been accused of inappropriate behavior, and he has been accused of lying to cover up his actions. Accused is the key word here.

Even if the accusations are true – I have no reason to believe they are, nor have I seen any proof – who among us could stand up to scrutiny that spans decades. Not years – decades. I know I’ve done things that would not stand the light of day. You have too.

Doug Jones has said he supports abortion until a baby is born. This includes late term certainly, but even full term? I’ve heard he’s backtracking a little on that platform, maybe under pressure to soften his rhetoric a little, I don’t know.

Mr. Jones’ stand on abortion is not a statement that has been made about him, not a possibly unfounded accusation. It’s a statement he makes himself.

Can we even understand the horror of such a position? If you don’t know much about abortion, Google it. Learn about the needles and the vacuum suction. I won’t be any more graphic than that. To think of a fetus is bad enough, but a baby ready to be born?

Yes, I’m a Christian. Yes, I go to church most every Sunday. But I would never support a candidate – Republican or Democrat – who holds the sanctity of life in such low regard.

I won’t even get into the conservative vs. liberal debate. I have friends on both sides, and we’ll never see eye to eye on our views.

But, for me, there is no choice here. A candidate who may have acted inappropriately or a candidate who does support aborting a full term baby.

This isn’t even about the abortion issue itself. We’ve probably gone too far to be able to ever reverse that policy. No candidate can do that. But we don’t have to propagate that agenda. Think of future legislation in the U.S. Congress.

Folks, think about who you’re voting for. Think about what you’re voting for.