MCC 5K – dashing into Christmas

Runners decked out in Christmas gear.

It was like Christmas on a mad dash Saturday morning, December 2, as McCullough Christian Center sponsored their first Jingle Bell 5K Run/Walk.

Runners turned out – but not in usual running gear. There was an elf, a runner in a green tutu, lots of Santa hats, jingle bells, and, well, you get the idea.

Forty-four runners participated. Below are results.

Men’s Division
1st Place: Don Metzler
2nd Place: Dusty Carnley
3rd Place: Luke Still

60 + Division
1st Place: Don McDonald

50 – 59 Division
1st Place: Brian McGill
2nd Place: Cornelius Phillips

30 – 39 Division
1st Place: Don Metzler
2nd Place: Chris Grimsley

18 – 29 Division
1st Place: Will Jay
13 – 17 Division
1st Place: Dusty Carnley

6 – 12  Division
1st Place: Luke Still
2nd Place: John Marshall
3rd Place: Colbie English

Female Division
1st Place: Kayley Burgess
2nd Place: Ann-Elise Classen
3rd Place: Ana-Marie Nipper

60 + Division
1st Place: Theresa Scott

50 – 59 Division
1st Place: Paula Freeman
2nd Place: Marie Harris

40 – 49 Division
1st Place: Kim Peavy
2nd. Place: Kim Classen
3rd. Place: LeeAnn Wratchford

30 – 39 Division
1st Place: Magen Baggett
2nd Place: Courtney Bohonnon
3rd Place: Leigh Ikner

18 – 29 Division
1st Place: Ana-Marie Nipper
2nd Place: Tiffany Amerson
3rd Place: Sarah-Elizabeth McGill

13 – 17 Division
1st Place: Kayley Burgess
2nd Place: Lauren Nipper
3rd Place: Ray Ray Bohonnon

6 – 12 Division
1st Place: Ann-Elise Classen
2nd Place: Mary Joyner Dean
3rd Place: Keri Matheny

Proceeds from the run benefit Xtreme Kidz, one of the church’s ministries.

Don Metzler


Kayley Burgess


Elf Kathy McGill gives last minute instructions. At right is organizer Tammy Drew with Emeri Ikner.