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Stitch By Stitch

The healing power of God’s love and grace

Peggy Weaver with her new book

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Peggy Weaver was peeling potatoes at her kitchen table one day in January 2021. No one else was around. She didn’t know where her husband Donald Ray was right then. Very likely she was thinking about her brother Stan Quimby who had passed away just two days earlier.
She was alone. It was just her … and God.
In her spirit, God told her He wanted her to write another book and He gave her the Scripture.
Being obedient, she put down the potatoes and went to her desk and started making notes. Her latest book, Stitch by Stitch, God Heals From His Endless Treasure of Nuggets!, came from that “conversation.”
About that day, Peggy said, “God doesn’t use just those we think of as qualified, for He will qualify those He calls to be His vessels for His Kingdom purpose. He will surely use anyone who will step up in obedience to Him and for his Glory.”
Stitch By Stitch is a 31-day devotional for women. Daily nuggets of truth (God’s Word) “to mend and heal us one stitch at a time.”
Peggy is no stranger to times in life when things have been a mess … but God.
“Through faith, God has never let me down,” she said. “Everything that has ever happened to me, God’s grace has taken care of me and always turned it around for my good … I love the parable of the Lost Sheep in Luke [15:3-7]. No matter what we’ve done, where we’ve been, there’s nowhere God won’t come and bring us back when we stray.”
And He will heal us. “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” Psalm147:3. God gave Peggy that Scripture the day he told her to write the book.
From the introduction to Peggy’s book: “Whatever breaks our heart, God already knows what needs to be done to stitch us back! No matter the pain, no matter the scars, no matter the hurt, no matter the brokenness, and no matter if you didn’t get the restoration (the way you wanted it to happen), God always has a better plan! He will always mend and heal our heart back together” … one stitch at a time.
Following each of the daily devotionals in Peggy’s book is a page for notes and prayer.
Stitch By Stitch, published by Covenant Books, is available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and iTunes.
Peggy’s first book, By His Touch: Poems from the Heart, is also still available.
You may contact Peggy at (251) 294-2585 or by e-mail at
Her website is