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Biden, Garland should be held accountable

Congressman Jerry Carl

A few weeks ago, congressional testimony was released detailing two Internal Revenue Service whistleblowers claiming Hunter Biden had been given preferential treatment by the Justice Department. Soon after this was made public, Speaker McCarthy raised the possibility of the House beginning an impeachment inquiry into Attorney General Merrick Garland for his role in the Justice Department interfering with the Hunter Biden investigation.
Since then, we’ve continued to find out more and more information about Hunter Biden’s criminal activity. The latest is his shady business dealings back in 2017 with his Chinese Communist Party-affiliated business partner, while Joe Biden was in the room (according to Hunter Biden’s own words). Just a few days ago, the House GOP Oversight Committee revealed a text exchange between Hunter Biden and an energy company with strong ties to the CCP. In the messages, Hunter Biden brags about how the Biden Family is the best at doing exactly what the Chairman (of the CCP-linked Chinese Energy Company) wants.
This latest exchange between Hunter Biden and his CCP friends is not surprising, and there are certainly more exchanges like this that we will continue to find. We’ve known for a long time that Hunter Biden has repeatedly taken advantage of his dad’s political influence to make millions of dollars working closely with CCP-linked companies and individuals for years, despite the fact China is our largest geopolitical threat.
The Biden Crime Family needs to be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law for compromising America’s national security and illegally profiting off Joe Biden’s political career at the expense of the American people. We also need to hold Merrick Garland accountable for his horrible mismanagement of the investigation. It’s time Merrick Garland goes because we’ve got to get some law and order back in this country.
I’m sick and tired of swamp creatures bending and breaking the rules without being held accountable for their actions. That’s why House Republicans are continuing to investigate this
entire Hunter Biden situation, and we will do all we can to hold their feet to the fire. We should not have a two-tiered system of justice where wealthy politicians and their families can take
advantage of the system and cash in political favors to get out of trouble. Enough is enough.