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White resigns from ACC

Arnold steps up to president


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Loumeek White is one of the founders of Atmore Citizens for Change (ACC) formed in early 2019 and has served as its president since its inception – until last week.
ACC is the driving force behind the push for a city school system in Atmore. Although the effort to create the city system began more than a year ago, and although a feasibility study has been completed and paid for, no concrete plans are in place for implementation.
Friday evening, June 26, ACC released a statement saying White had resigned and his resignation had been accepted by ACC.
Following is White’s statement on his decision:
“Atmore schools is my priority. But, now, with the 2020 school year just six weeks away, no public release of the feasibility study for a city school, and the Atmore municipal elections well underway, I feel the progress of the Atmore Citizens for Change Movement is at a temporary standstill.
“However, it is absolutely essential that the movement and the group continue to move forward for the sake of the future of Atmore. While these circumstances are beyond our control and with no current resolve, I believe it is best to begin to implement an alternative solution and seek other means where I can be more productive and focused solely on the future of the schools in Atmore.
“I understand that great leadership must be fluid and able to evolve. Therefore, I have decided to resign from Atmore Citizens for Change (ACC) in pursuit of the District 5 school board seat. “
“Some may question my decision, but I implore you to understand that we can effectuate change on many levels and in all places. For example, after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., those involved within the Civil Rights Movement pressed on, but in different places. John Lewis became a longstanding U.S. Congressman, while some established cooperatives, partnerships and other coalitions. The goals never changed. Organizers never stopped gaining allies and building sodalities. “
“I am more than confident the ACC, under new leadership, will continue to be a beacon of light for the community of Atmore. I have an unwavering commitment to help create a wonderful future for our town, our kids, and our communities. Our future is bright. Atmore’s change will come.”
In November 2019, Escambia County Board of Education Chairman Willie J. Grissett did not qualify for re-election, due mainly to the absence of a local Democratic Party office to which he could pay his qualifying fee.
White was the only person to qualify for the seat. Barring the entry of a write-in candidate, White should be unopposed in the party primary and in the General Election.
Former ACC vice-president Pastor Michael Arnold is now the organization’s president.