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Chief asks that fireworks cease at 10 p.m.

News Staff Writer

Atmore Police Chief Chuck Brooks said this week that although there is no ordinance prohibiting the use of fireworks within the city, there comes a point when the small-scale pyrotechnics displays do fall outside the law.
“We don’t have anything on the books against people shooting fireworks, but what we have is a nuisance or noise ordinance,” Brooks said. “Usually, after 10 o’clock, we ask that people not shoot anymore.”
Although fireworks may be legally fired within the city limits, they cannot be bought and sold within the city.
Brooks had several suggestions for those who want to safely celebrate Independence Day with individual fireworks displays.
“First, you need to ask your neighbors if it’s OK with them if you shoot fireworks,” he said. “Also, you need to be mindful of any military friends or neighbors who might have issues (with fireworks). If we get complaints from military people who do have issues, we will kindly ask you to stop. We also stress that you not fire them at other people or at houses or other structures.”
The police chief added that fireworks safety comes down to thinking before acting.
“We ask that everybody please use caution and that they supervise small children and not let them participate in anything that might be dangerous to them,” he said. “We just want everybody to use a lot of common sense and enjoy the Fourth of July.”