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Co. COVID-19 cases top 100

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The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Escambia County has topped the 100 mark, according to figures released Tuesday, June 16, by Alabama Department of Public Health and Escambia County Healthcare Authority.
The twice-weekly report shows that 107 cases of the novel coronavirus, including 19 over the past seven days, have been confirmed among county residents. Eighty-one of those are from samples taken at local hospitals. The county’s death toll remains at three.
ECHCA reports that 69 cases have been confirmed from samples taken at Atmore Community Hospital, while D.W. McMillan reports 12 confirmed cases. The two medical centers have collected 946 samples, with 846 negative results and 16 cases pending. Three tests, two at ACH and one at DWM, brought inconclusive results.
One of the differences in the state totals and the local hospital totals is the inclusion of positive-tested Holman Correctional Facility and Fountain Correctional Facility inmates.
“The Alabama Department of Corrections reports positive COVID-19 inmate tests through the Alabama Department of Public Health’s online reporting system, with new cases attributed to the county in which the inmate is incarcerated,” said Samantha Rose of ADOC.
Statewide, 25,892 confirmed cases have been reported, an increase of more than 5,000 over June 9 totals.
Mayor Jim Staff, who admitted that all the information on residents who have contracted the virus has been unavailable, said this week he was told that most of the patients who have tested positive at ACH have been sent home to self-quarantine.
“I talked to (ACH Interim Administrator) Suzanne (McGill) about it, and she says they’re sending folks back home because they’re not serious cases,” the mayor said. “But how many have done got over it? They don’t say that. I don’t personally know anybody who has it. Maybe a couple of acquaintances, but nobody I really know personally.”