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Second-grader saves grandmother’s life

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At the award presentation, from left, Deputy Jeff Weaver, Kenleigh Madison, Sheriff Heath Jackson

Becky Sorrells knew she was in trouble. On the night of April 10, an emphysema attack debilitated her.
Fortunately, her eight-year-old granddaughter Kenleigh Madison was with her.
Kenleigh called 911 for help. But she actually had to do more than just ask for help.
The dirt road to their home was impassable due to three days of rain on new red clay at their mobile home park. Vehicles were getting stuck, and Kenleigh knew an ambulance couldn’t get to her grandma. She told the 911 dispatcher the mobile home’s row number and lot number – but not to come down the road.
She waited about five minutes and called a second time. What seemed a long time to a little girl was probably not really so long, but when you’re afraid, it can seem an eternity.
First responders parked at the edge of the park and walked to the mobile home. Becky was given much needed oxygen, then one of the paramedics went to the ambulance for a chair to transport her across the lot.
Becky was treated at Atmore Community Hospital, then transferred to an out-of- town hospital where she remained for a week.
For her actions which no doubt saved her grandmother’s life, Kenleigh received a special Life Saving Award during the Huxford Elementary School awards day May 21. Kenleigh is in the second grade at HES. The award was presented by Escambia County Sheriff Heath Jackson and Deputy Jeff Weaver. Kenleigh received a plaque and a pin to signify she is an honorary member of the sheriff’s office.
“Kenleigh’s a smart little girl,” Becky said. “If not for her, I know I wouldn’t be here today.”