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National Day of Prayer

On either side of the break out prayer sign, Rev. Dr. Michael Wilson, left, and Rev. Willie Hawthorne lead prayer for the church.

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Atmore joined the rest of the country in observing the National Day of Prayer Thursday, May 2.
The Rev. Ted Bridges opened the gathering, emphasizing this year’s theme: “Love one another, just as I have loved you” John 13:34.
“Brothers and sisters, we need to love one another … I love you because He first loved me,” Rev. Bridges said.
Participating in the program were Troop 26, presentation of colors and Pledge of Allegiance; Felicia Bishop, National Anthem; Mayor Jim Staff, annual proclamation; Willonette Hammond, blowing of the shofar; the Rev. Jim Thorpe, Prayer of Repentance; and Linda Godwin, solo, People Need the Lord.
Following the opening, everyone was invited to break out into prayer groups – government, the church, military, education, media, business.
Ministers leading the prayer groups were Rev. Don Davis, Rev. Dr. Michael Wilson, Rev. Jim Thorpe, Rev. Willie Hawthorne, Rev. Harold Askew, Rev. Dr. Bernard Bishop, Rev. Kevin Garrett, Bro. Cornelius Phillips, and Rev. Ted Bridges.
The last part of the event was the Scripture reading. As attendees read (aloud or silently) their assigned passages, the entire Bible was read at one time.
For the kids, Miss Flippytoe (Esther McMath) and her assistants (John McMath and Trachy Miller) had Bible stories and activities in the RPM Trailer.