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Get a hug – Give a hug

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While you’re at Mayfest Saturday, you may drop by the Destiny Worship Center tent. There you’ll see something unusual – blindfolded people with outstretched arms.
Pastor Dr. Bernard and First Lady Felicia Bishop are bringing a new project to Mayfest – Love Like Jesus Loves.
“This is an opportunity for us to show love to the community,” Felicia Bishop said. “We’ll have volunteers who will love like Christ. They will be blindfolded, giving out hugs. We invite everyone to stop by our booth, get a hug and give a hug. The volunteers will be blindfolded to represent that Christ’s love is blind.
“In our nation right now, we need love. We all have different perspectives in life, but love is love.”
Not only can you stop by for a hug, you’re welcome to join the volunteers that day. Also, volunteers will be in the park, pointing people to the Destiny booth. Not only can you get a hug, you may also pick up giveaways.
“We hope this will spread to other people, other ministries,” Bernard Bishop said. “Our priority is unconditional blind love.”