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Stewart seeks District 3 seat


The following announcement was submitted by the candidate.

Scottie Stewart is running for County Commissioner in District 3. He is a life long resident and graduated from Flomaton High School. His wife of 23 years, Alice Nolin Stewart, is a native of Flomaton. They have four children: Dawson, Reagan, Brody and Finn. Scottie is an active member of Liberty Baptist Church in the Pineview Community. His faith is important to him and guides the values and morals in which he lives by daily.
His father, Harold Stewart, was the only retiring Police Chief in Flomaton. His parents taught him the importance of community service. Scottie Stewart began his career in 1991 with the Flomaton Police Department. Shortly after being sworn in he was re-activated into the military and sent to Desert Shield/Desert Storm. He came back home and continued as a police officer. He left law enforcement and worked in construction before he started with CSX Railroad Transportation. He has worked at CSX for 18 years and serves as a deputy with the Escambia County Sheriff’s office part time.
Scottie previously served on the Flomaton City Council District 4. He has conservative views and has qualified to run on the Republican ticket.
There are three priorities he wishes to address. The first priority is job creation. He believes the county has potential for growth and that it is essential to create a tax base. District 3 has potential just by having the interstate running through it. The Flomaton exit 69 is used by thousands daily traveling to and from Florida. We have not expanded on this great opportunity that lies in front of us on Hwy. 113. A perfect example of possible expansion off 113 is what has happened along exit 96 in Evergreen. That exit has exploded in the last 5 years and it is all due to interstate traffic being able to sustain the new businesses in that area. Stewart will work diligently to expand and grow the business potential we have along Hwy. 113.
Stewart believes a second priority should be education of children. He and his wife currently have six children living at home. Four of those children are their biological children and two are unexpected blessings that recently became part of their family. They attend Escambia County public schools. Our public schools are under-funded and under-staffed. Stewart does not believe raising NEW taxes should be the way to correct these problems. We need to come up with creative ways to save money and to put the money where it is needed. Excessive and irresponsible spending is nothing new to the political world; it is time to correct that. Stewart believes we can correct misuse of money in Escambia County and see our children and our local schools benefit. We as a county do not need to buy new equipment when it is not needed.
A third priority is safety. Stewart is very pro-law enforcement. Safety in our county is vital to growth. When purchasing a home there are two concerns: the school system and the safety or crime within the neighborhood. Stewart believes funding the Sheriff’s Department is crucial to the development of the county. Without a strong law enforcement presence, no new business or company will even consider moving or building here. You want to know your family, belongings and property are safe. Business owners want to know their employees are safe and that their investment in property, equipment, and goods are safe. Our law enforcement families need to believe and KNOW their loved ones protecting the citizens and businesses of Escambia County are equipped with everything needed for their security and safety.
Stewart and his family would appreciate your prayers and support. He looks forward to meeting voters on the campaign trail. Anyone with questions may email him at or message him on Facebook at Scottie Stewart for County Commissioner District 3.