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Hi5 Friday schedule set

Go ahead…make a kid’s day

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So what’s a Hi5 Friday? And why does it matter?
The Atmore Chamber of Commerce kicked off Hi5 Friday last school year as a way to start a students’ and teachers’ day with positivity and energy.
According to Chamber Executive Director Emily Harp, the goal is to create a “magical moment in the day, which kicks off the weekend and celebrates a ‘week well done’ with the simple act of the high-five along with saying ‘Well done’, ‘Good morning’, or ‘Make today great’.”
This is how it works – As students (bus and drop-off) enter the school, the Hi5’ers (adults) will be on hand, with music playing, to give them all a high 5. Harp said the more participants the better. If you want to participate, all that is required is a few minutes of your morning, a smile, a positive attitude … and a high 5.
Does it really matter?
“Other communities have experienced great success with this simple and free celebration reporting that Hi5 Fridays create more connections and friendships among the student body in addition to setting the tone for a successful and positive attitude towards learning,” Harp said in a press release. “Seeing the joyful expressions and smiles on students and staff as they receive a high-five, looking at encouraging posters, and dancing their way into school will surely be an amazing way to start the day.
“Numerous schools have reported that although this event only happens on Friday, they believe it serves as a reminder of happiness throughout the week to students and staff. One principal even said, ‘I believe when students and staff are having a hard time, they remember Hi5 Friday, and use it to persevere past their obstacles’.”
Below is the schedule.
Escambia County Middle School
August 10
October 5
January 11
March 8
Rachel Patterson Elementary
August 24
November 16
February 1
April 26
Huxford Elementary
September 7
November 9
February 22
April 12
If you’d like to be part of Hi5 Friday, please be at the school between 6:30 a.m. and 6:40 a.m. on the designated date.
“We encourage companies to have their employees wear their company shirts,” Harp said. “Feel free to bring ‘goodies’ such as pencils etc. to hand out. Also, if you would like to make posters welcoming the kids and staff to school that morning you are welcome to.”
For any questions or more details, please feel free to call the Chamber at (251) 368-3305 or e-mail