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RP third-graders take state honors

Several third-graders received individual awards, from left, first row, Angelina Lynn, Zeniya Perry, Christon Riley, Jacorey Dailey; second row, Daryl Willis, Walker Martin, Yenifer Cuenca, Maria Manzano; third row, Xamiria English, Luke Penner, Roosevelt Jefferson, Jamarcus Hunter, Sandro Ramieri. In back are teachers Anna Tingle, Kathy Shehan, and Becky Green; Lynne Schneider with Imagine Math; and Principal John Brantley with the school trophy.

Rachel Patterson Elementary School third-graders were honored in assembly Thursday, March 22, for placing first in the state in the Imagine Math curriculum Math Cup Bowl.

Principal John Brantley said at the beginning of the school year, third grade students took an assessment test to determine their proficiency and what their needs were.

In February, the school was notified the third grade could compete in the online competition. Students were graded on total math lessons, complex math problems solved, and math hours worked.

About 4,000 students competed, and when it was all over, Rachel Patterson was number 1 in the state.

Brantley thanked the third grade teachers and other students.

“It takes teamwork, a faculty, a family,” he said.

Lynne Schneider, customer success manager for Imagine Learning, was at the assembly to present certificates and a trophy.

At RP, 132 students participated with 2,221 lessons completed; 94,567 complex math problems solved; and 962 math hours worked.

While the entire third grade was honored, awards were also presented to individuals:

Alabama Math Cup Thinker Award – Walker Martin, Zeniya Perry, Roosevelt Jefferson, Yenifer Cuenca, Daryl Willis, Jamarcus Hunter, Christon Riley

Great Thinker Award – Angelina Lynn

Top Problem Solver Award – Luke Penner

Diligence Award – Xamiria English, Maria Manzano

Excel Award – Sando Ramirez

Perseverance Award – Jacorey Dailey

Classroom awards were presented to third-grade teachers Anna Tingle, Kathy Shehan, and Becky Green.