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ACF gives back $90,000 first year

Grant recipients, from left, Foster Kizer and Bub Gideons, Pride of Atmore; Ruth Robinson, Grace Fellowship Unity in the Community; Debbie Bolden and Toya McMillian, Escambia County Middle School; Paul Chason, Atmore Area YMCA. Other grantees of the Atmore Community Foundation not pictured: Atmore Area United Fund and Turtle Point Environmental Science Center.

The Atmore Community Foundation, an affiliate of The Community Foundation of South Alabama, announced its first competitive grant awards on Thursday, March 22,at the United Bank Annual Joint Advisory Board Meeting. Since its inception in April 2017, the Atmore Community Foundation has distributed over $90,000 in grants from its donor advised funds and its Atmore Community Fund.

Recently, the Foundation completed its first competitive grant cycle and awarded $1,360 to three grantees from the Atmore Community Fund: Atmore Area YMCA, Escambia County Middle School and Grace Fellowship. The Advisory Committee evaluated the submitted applications and selected the candidates whose missions aligned the closest with the current focus areas of the Foundation’s competitive grant program: education and health & wellness.

“This is just the beginning for us,” said Audrey Moon, chair of the Advisory Committee. “After this grant cycle, we’re even more determined to continue our grant-making efforts and make an impact on our community. Organizations should keep their eyes and ears open for our next funding opportunity.”

The Atmore Community Foundation was established in April 2017 to make a lasting impact on the Atmore community. The Foundation established the Atmore Community Fund as a vehicle to receive donations and bequests to benefit the community. In addition to the Atmore Community Fund from which the advisory committee administers the Foundation’s competitive grant process, several donor advised funds have also been established under the Foundation. On Thursday night, United Bank announced a $1:$1 match for the competitive grant awards to further maximize impact. In addition, an $80,000 grant distribution from a donor advised fund was also awarded to Pride of Atmore for downtown revitalization at the event.

Individuals who are interested in investing in the Atmore community can mail a donation by check to P.O. Box 990 Mobile, AL, 36601. Future funding opportunities will also be made available through the Foundation’s website at www.atmorecommunityfoundation.org.

About the Atmore Community Foundation
With the creation of The Atmore Community Foundation, an affiliate of The Community Foundation of South Alabama, local community leaders have found the perfect way to make a lasting impact on the citizens of Atmore. The Atmore Community Fund serves as a vehicle to receive donations and bequests to benefit the community in perpetuity.

By working with The Community Foundation of South Alabama, members can focus on raising the funds and deciding charitable use for the income of their fund while relying on the Foundation to handle the administration, investment and required daily tasks. Through a concerted grant-making effort, the effects of The Atmore Community Fund can be felt for generations to come. An advisory committee of Atmore residents makes recommendations about how the charitable dollars are spent, and the Foundation bears the legal responsibility to ensure that the funds are then used in compliance with donor intent.

About The Community Foundation of South Alabama
The Community Foundation of South Alabama is a nonprofit charitable organization that plays a key role in meeting the needs of an eight-county region through leadership and grants. The Foundation serves as a vessel for donors, volunteers, and the community to share ideas, identify issues, and build financial resources necessary to make improvements and positively impact the community.

The Foundation administers a collection of charitable funds established by members of the community. Since its founding in 1976, the Foundation has awarded more than $75 million in grants to nonprofit organizations to support programs that make life better in the community. The Community Foundation builds lasting endowments to ensure grants are available to support the community forever.

Members of the Atmore Affiliate Fund Committee, from left, Sherilyn Reynolds, Susan Smith, Foster Kizer, Sherry Digmon, Ann Gordon, Bub Gideons, Edie Baker, Dale Ash, Audrey Moon, Hannah Johnson.