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Couple tied up, robbed

Officers take Dubose into custody at the Main Street home.

A Florida man was arrested Saturday (December 2) when he returned to the South Main Street home of a friend’s parents where he had several hours earlier tied the couple up, robbed them at knife-point and stolen their vehicle after having been invited inside the residence by the unsuspecting couple.
Police Chief Chuck Brooks confirmed Tuesday that 51-year-old Albert Dubose, of an unspecified Florida address, was taken into custody around noon Saturday by APD officers. He is charged with two counts each of first degree robbery and first degree kidnapping, along with one count of first-degree theft of property.

“The offense occurred around the 400 block of South Main, and the offender was known to the two victims because he was a friend of a relative,” Brooks said.

“According to reports, the victims had just returned home from shopping when the offender showed up, and they invited him into the home.”
Things turned bad almost immediately.

“He brandished a knife, then tied them up with bed sheets and demanded money,” the police chief continued. “After they told him where he could find some money, he took the money and the keys to the victims’ vehicle by force and left in their vehicle.”

Both victims reportedly suffered minor injuries in the altercation, although each refused medical treatment at the scene.

Brooks said Dubose, who has “a criminal past in Florida,” returned to the home for some unknown reason around noon on Saturday. Police responded in force, and the suspect reportedly surrendered quietly after realizing that his chances of avoiding arrest were virtually non-existent.

“There was no hostage situation,” Brooks said in response to postings on social media sites that indicated such was the case. “After he tied them up and took their money and keys, he left.”

Efforts to determine the amount of Dubose’s bond or whether or not he was still being held in the Escambia County Detention Center were unsuccessful by Tuesday’s press deadline.