Potato mystery solved

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about this sweet potato in the shape of a heart.

As I said, there were two things I knew about it. One was that it’s unusual. The other was that I wasn’t sure who brought it to me.

I thought I knew, and I said that in the column, but I wouldn’t print the name in case I was wrong.

Turns out I was right. He called the other day.

Many thanks to Garry Godwin for sharing this heart-shaped sweet potato.

Also in that column, I mentioned days gone by when farmers and gardeners called me to come take a picture of a big turnip or a big pumpkin.

I believe it was Mr. C.N. Graham of the Oak Grove community who was the champion grower of big vegetables and melons. I hope I have his initials right. It’s been so long ago.

But there’s never a time I pass a pumpkin patch or a stand selling pumpkins that I don’t think about him. A sweet man and a “master gardener” without the formal training or the title.