Temple Christian Academy honor roll

Temple Christian Academy released its honor roll for first through third grades for the first six-week grading period and for fourth through tenth grades for the first quarter of the 2017-2018 school year. Please note: 5-year-old kindergarten students are not graded during the first six-week grading period of each school year.

First grade
A/B honor roll: Molleigh Amerson, Charlie Wade McGill, Chase Whittaker

Second grade
A/B honor roll: Anna Davis, Caelyn McElhaney

Third grade
A/B honor roll: Alanjha Boswell, Jordan Salter, Alayla Stallworth, Aidan Thomas

Fifth grade
A/B honor roll: Eli McElhaney

Sixth grade
A honor roll: Emma Grace Thomas
A/B honor roll: Danielle Fails, Zeke McElhaney

Seventh grade
A/B honor roll: Caleb Wilson

Eight grade
A/B honor roll: Reese McGill

Tenth grade
A honor roll: Payton Thomas