A sweet potato heart

It sits on my desk. This sweet potato in the shape of a heart.

There are two things I know about this potato. One is that it’s very unusual.

The other is that I’m not sure who brought it to me.

Let me back up. One night, I think in a restaurant but I’m not sure, I talked briefly with someone I know and he asked me if I’d ever seen a sweet potato that grew in the shape of a heart. Of course, I hadn’t. I mean, who has, right?

I told him we used to take pictures of big turnips – I mean really big turnips – and pumpkins. But never a sweet potato heart.

He told me he would bring the potato by the office if we wanted to run a picture of it. And he did. But I wasn’t there when he brought it. He didn’t tell anyone his name, only that he had already talked with me about the potato and I knew about it.

I think I know who brought it by, but I’m not going to print a name for fear of being wrong.

To the gentleman who brought the potato by, if you would call me (368-6397) or email me (sherry@atmorenews.com), I’d like to give you credit for this potato.

So, here’s a picture of the potato which has become quite a conversation piece in my office.

By the way, it looks like a heart to me. It looks like an ingredient in a sweet potato casserole to Myrna.