‘Intensity of storms is manmade’

To the editor:

The Republican Congress is divided on many issues. But according to Jeffrey Tobin of CNN, there is one thing they are united on: global warming is a myth. The Houston debacle is a game changer though. Never in modern history has there been such a deluge … over 50 inches, in about 48 hours. Most meteorologists believe the intensity of these storms is manmade … Not an “act of God? as the insurance companies claim. Storms have intensified and coastal surge levels have risen … New Orleans had 10 inches in 12 hours. Hey Miami … you are next. It has been predicted that it is not “a matter of if, but a matter of when,” and south Florida will be under water … when the “big” one comes.

There are many so called crises … “the wall,” repeal of Obamacare, North Korea. But our natural environment, which we depend on in so many ways, it at the tipping point. Our sustenance is at the top of the list. We can’t live without clean water, clean air, “clean food.”

Robert W. Mays