ECMS ELA class in book study

Sky Gray, Haley Flowers, Jorgie Riveria, and Nyla Graves

Nicaria Andry’s eighth grade English Language Arts (ELA) class at Escambia County Middle School is participating in an independent book study for the next five weeks. The students are reading Where the Lilies Bloom by Vera and Bill Cleaver.

Summary of Where the Lilies Bloom: Mary Call has promised her dying father to keep her brother and sisters together forever on the mountain, and never to take any help from strangers. She is determined to keep her word. No matter what. At first she is sure she can manage. Romey, Ima Dean, and Devola help gather herbs to sell in town; the riches of the mountains will surely keep the family clothed and fed. But then winter comes, fast and furious, and Mary Call has to learn that the land where the lilies bloom is also a cruel and unforgiving place, and it may take more than a promise to keep her family together.

LaAsia Henderson, Jykeria Wilson, Aniya Stots, and Khiazhia Jones


Xzaiaver Brown, Jashawn Finklea and Jabarie Arnold