ECTS continues giving back to the community

At Atmore Nursing Center, from left, sitting, Belinda Thomas, Annie Lee Brown, Fannie Rivers, Barbara Poole Harris; standing, Ann Montgomery, Lillie B. Knight, Shirley Longmire, Deborah Thomas, Mamie Gibson Walker, Rachel Brown Wiggins, Gracie Gant, Gwen Dale Frye. Not pictured are Barbara Staples Duke and Rose Robinson Jones.

Recently, Escambia County Training School (Eagles) Alumni assisted with distribution of school supplies. Thursday, August 24, they continued giving back to the community by distributing socks to all residents at Atmore Nursing Center. They also gave out gum to patients who were allowed to have gum.

Those contributing to this project were

Fannie Rivers – Class of 1956;

Pearlie Riley Hall, Gracie Gant, Willie Ruth Tolbert Knott – Class of 1957;

Emily Harris Thames – Class of 1959

Eva Vanessa Boggan, Kenneth Boggan, Casandra Cunningham, Jewel Poole –Class of 1965;

Pearlie Riley Hall, Shirley Gray Smith, Constance McGlasker Chambers – Class of 1967;

Clara Young, Felicia Prince, Liza Riley Wilson – Class of 1970;

Mary Lois Johnson Salter – Class of 1971;

Debbie Roanoke, Jadea Roanoke, Annie Normal, Robin Kidd, Belinda Barron Thomas – Class of 1972;

Betty Boggan, Mary Bishop – Class of 1974;

Meshia Kyles, Tammie Pettway Robinson, Valerie Costic, Betha Staples Rudolph.

Members who distributed socks and gum were Barbara Poole Harris, Belinda Barron Thomas, Gwen Dale Frye, Rachel Brown Wiggins, Barbara Staples Duke, Rosie Robinson Jones, Lillie Bell Knight, Shirley Porter Longmire, Mamie Knight Walker, Fannie Rivers, Gracie Gant, Annie Lee Brown, and ANC personnel Deborah Thomas and Ann Montgomery in the activities department.

Donations were received from churches, organizations, Escambia County Training School Alumni, and friends.

“These contributions enable our non-profit organization to spread love to school kids and nursing home residents,” Barbara Poole Harris said. “Once again, we thank you for your generosity and look forward to your future support. The fund-raiser was a rewarding experience. May God continue to bless you is our prayer.”

Escambia County Training School Alumni was founded by Barbara Poole Harris, who chairs the organization. Advisor is Eula McNeal Davis.