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BOE terminates, suspends 2 teachers

The Escambia County Board of Education met in special session Thursday, May 11, to consider two personnel items.

Board action resulted in the termination of Escambia County Middle School teacher Kim Downey, who was arrested at the school February 24, after three suspected marijuana “roaches” were found inside a bag in her classroom.

The board also voted to suspend ECMS teacher Victoria Corey for five days without pay.

Both actions were taken at the recommendation of Superintendent John Knott.

Following the meeting, the board held a two-hour workshop to discuss the consolidation of A.C. Moore Elementary with Rachel Patterson Elementary and Escambia County Middle School.

Following are some of the items discussed: safety; building age / maintenance needs; curriculum alignment; student transition; bus routing; consideration of stakeholders’ feedback (parents, community, teachers); survey results.

Possible options under consideration include

* Move pre-K programs (two classes) and third grade to Rachel Patterson and move fourth grade to Escambia County Middle School;

* Postpone restructuring for one year

* Wait to build an additional wing on RPES then move third grade and fourth grade to that location

* Make no changes for A.C. Moore Elementary School

The Board of Education meets in regular session this Thursday, May 18, 9 a.m., at the Brewton Central Office. Knott said the A.C. Moore issue will not be on the agenda.