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Auditions set for radio drama

Would you like to be in a Greater Escambia Council for the Arts (GECA) show but don’t want to memorize lines? Is the usual time commitment for a show just too much? Then a radio drama is just the thing for you.

GECA will simulate a 1940s radio studio, reading from the script, producing their own sound effects. This type show carries very little pressure and it’s only a two-week commitment.

Auditions will be Thursday, April 27 at 7. Rehearsals will be Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays for the following two weeks. Show dates are Friday and Saturday,

People are needed to work on the “Foley team” which does sound effects, and people to read.

There are no children’s parts in this show, so you must be an adult – or sound like one.

There will also be a ladies’ trio for one of the commercials that you can listen to at

Auditions will be at the theater, corner of Trammell and Nashville.