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3 seats in PCI election

The Poarch Creek Tribal Council election is set for Saturday, June 3.

Three seats are on the ballot – Tribal Chairman and two At-Large positions.

Incumbents are Stephanie Bryan, Tribal Chair; Arthur Mothershed, At-Large; Garvis Sells, At-Large.

Listed below are the  2017 Tribal Council candidates:

Tribal Chairman ( 3 candidates)
Stephanie Bryan (seeking re-election)
Anthony Peebles
Eddie Leon Tullis

At-Large (14 candidates)
Randy Adams
Clayton Coon
Rodney L. Exum
Ed Jarman
Brenda Steeley Johnson
Gloria Sells Krafka
Steven Ledkins
Wesley Manning
Carrie McGhee Martin
Eialeasha Elizabeth “Leasha” Martin
Kevin McGhee
Arthur Mothershed (seeking re-election)
Garvis Sells (seeking re-election)
Anita Tuel