Book signing, reunion held for Dr. Parker

Dr. Max Parker, left, and Coach Jim Parker, right

News Publisher

It was to be a book signing – and it was. But it was so much more. A bit of a family reunion, but mostly a class reunion spanning several classes and many years. It was a coming together of people who share like experiences and welcome the opportunity to get together and celebrate each other and their school – Escambia County Training School.
The book signing was in honor of Dr. Max Parker who was releasing his latest book – Escambia County Training School: Remember that time … Stories Never Told (Third Edition).
The event was held June 27 in the PCRC building at Houston Avery Park.
Those participating in the program were Mistress of Ceremony Fannie Rivers, Class of ’56; Jamel Frye filling in for Bishop Willie Williams, Class of ’57; Thomas Adams, Class of ’59; Class President Calvin Stots, Class of ’68; Martha Bell Stewart-Wilson, Class of ‘65; Paulette Autrey German, Class of ’80; Pastor Willie Hawthorne, Class of ’64; Coach Jim Parker, Class of ’68; Harold Dailey, Class of ’59; Barbara Poole Harris, Class of ’67; and the guest of honor, Dr. Max Parker, Class of ’59.
Rev. Hawthorne led everyone in singing the School Song, written by W.J.Grissett, Class of ‘49.
Coach Jim Parker had the honor of introducing his brother as guest speaker.
“It takes a village to raise a child,” Dr. Max Parker said, “It takes a community to write a book.”
He thanked members of the research team and the ECTS graduates who told their stories for the book.
Refreshments were served, and the book signing commenced following the program.