Faith and Values

National Day of Prayer

Worshipping as Dietrich Bondurant ends the program with a trumpet solo, “How Great Thou Art.”
Bobby and Amyrillis Davis read their assigned Scriptures
The Elegant Ladies of Essence served as ushers and participated in Bible reading.

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They file in the doors with Bibles in hand, or phones, or iPads – however they read their Scriptures. They are expectant – a time of reverence, a time of worship, a time of prayer, a time of Bible reading. And the National Day of Prayer never disappoints.
In conjunction with the national observance, the local observance was held Thursday, May 2, at the Cornell Torrence Gym at Escambia County High School.
Opening ceremonies included a welcome and opening prayer by the Rev. Derek Gobert; trumpet solo by Dietrich Bondurant; Posting of Colors and Pledge of Allegiance by the Atmore First Assembly of God Royal Rangers; National Anthem by Jessica Caraway; reading of proclamation by Mayor Jim Staff; Blowing of Shofar by Willonette Hammond; the Shema-Ancient Hebrew Prayer by Rev. Gobert; Prayer of Repentance by the Rev. Don Davis; Prayer for Human Trafficking Victims and Rescuers by Allen Minchew; Praise Dance by a member of Holy Community Church.
A break-out prayer time was held for the following categories – Government, Church, Military, Family, Education, Media, Business.
When everyone returned to their seats, they participated in a Bible reading time with Scripture given to them as they entered the building.
Dietrich Bondurant closed the program with a trumpet solo, “How Great Thou Art” which brought most people to their feet and some to tears.