6 months of results

Congressman Jerry Carl

Last November, the American people elected a Republican House Majority after two years of the Democrats’ failed agenda. I’m proud to say we have delivered already on so many of our promises, and we’re just 6 months into the Republican House Majority.
One of our first promises was strengthening our economy and getting it back on track. So far, we have passed H.R. 1 to lower energy costs for families, increase our energy independence, and reduce government regulations getting in the way of our energy producers. We also passed a bill to put a check on the Biden administration’s executive orders that are costly and further increase inflation. We then passed a bill slashing wasteful government spending (this will ultimately save taxpayers $4.8 trillion) and growing the economy.
Two additional promises were ending the federal government’s perpetual COVID state and standing up for the fundamental freedoms of all Americans. We ended the COVID-19 national emergency, ended the CDC’s requirement for proof of COVID vaccinations for folks travelling to the U.S., passed a bill requiring bureaucrats to show up to work, and terminated the COVID vaccine mandate for health care workers.
We promised Americans we would do all we can to promote law and order to keep our communities safe. We passed H.R. 2 to secure the border and put an end to the Biden administration’s immigration crisis. The Secure our Border Act, which we passed in early May forces the Biden administration to finish the wall, plus it increases the number of border patrol agents, strengthens the law to protect children from human trafficking, ends catch and release, and puts the best technology to use along the border.
Finally, we are delivering on our promise to hold the Biden administration accountable with every tool in our arsenal. We passed a bill to defund Joe Biden’s army of 87,000 IRS agents, and we voted to protect your retirement dollars from being subjected to ESG (environmental, social, and governance factors). Our committees have been holding numerous hearings looking into the Biden administration’s actions or lack of actions, and we will continue doing this as long as he is in office.
House Republicans have been busy for the past 6 months, and we’re just getting started. We’ve got some big things we are working on, and I can’t wait to share more about them soon. Now, we just need the Senate to work with us and help restore some commonsense to Washington so we can get our nation back on track.