Auxiliary honors young volunteer

At the presentation, from left, Jenny Hutto, Myra Odom, Jackey Odom

News Publisher

When the Atmore Memorial VFW Auxiliary got ready to place flags on veterans’ graves for Memorial Day, Myra Odom was ready at 6 a.m. the Saturday before, and helped cover seven cemeteries.
When the Auxiliary served breakfast to veterans on Veterans Day, Myra was ready to greet the veterans and help serve.
Those are only two of the ways Myra has helped in the last several months.
For her willingness to volunteer, to help this organization, to serve and honor veterans, Myra was presented with a certificate of appreciation and an Eagle statue Monday, July 3, at the VFW Auxiliary meeting.
“We are here to honor an individual who has volunteered and helped the Auxiliary in many ways and many times,” Auxiliary President Jackey Odom said. “Myra loves volunteering, loves working, and loves veterans.”
Representing the Auxiliary, Jenny Hutto presented Myra with a Good Job Award: “Thank you for an outstanding job in supporting the programs and goals of the VFW Auxiliary.”
The inscription on the eagle read, “In appreciation for your continuous support.”
Myra, 12, is the daughter of Chad and Leslie Odom of Poarch.