RPES holds National STEM Honor Society induction

Members of the Rachel Patterson National STEM Honor Society, from left, first row, Lela Gaines, Janell Frye, Fettler Harris, Arynn Pete, Lily-Kate O’Brien, Shabralei Hands, LaTia Wright, Melanie Williams and Saveion Johnson; second row, Treyson House, Carter Overstreet, Tamarian Webb, Brayleigh Staples, Aaliyah Pate’, Terry Allen, Ryla Crayton, Arlaysia Pete, Jah’Liyah Dawson, Kambrie Hudson and LaRoyia Turner; third row, Montez Riley, Ayden Lowe, Sylar Fularz and Lae’lyn Bogan
From left, Caroline Hughes, Michele Collier, Julie McDonald

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In an impressive ceremony, 16 students were inducted into the National STEM Honor Society at Rachel Patterson Elementary School Thursday morning, April 27. With a little help from school staff, current and past inductees conducted much of the program.
Following are the 2023-24:

  • First grade – Fettler Harris
  • Second grade – Terry Allen, Ryla Crayton, Janell Frye, Lela Gaines, Shabralei Hands, Treyson House, Lilly-Kate O’Brien, Carter Overstreet, Arynn Pete, Melanie Williams, LaTia Wright.
  • Third grade – Saveion Johnson, Aaliyah Paté, Brayleigh Staples, Tamarian Webb
    The 2021-22 inductees were also recognized – Lae’lyn Bogan, Ja’Liyah Dawson, Sylar Fularz, Kambrie Hudson, Ayden Lowe, Arlaysia Pete, Montez Riley, LaRoyia Turner.
    Following a processional into the assembly, Sylar Fularz and Carter Overstreet led in the Pledge of Allegiance. Lela Gaines, Shabralei Hands, Lilly-Kate O’Brien gave the Welcome. Arlaysia Pete introduced the guest speaker, Escambia County Schools Assistant Superintendent Michele Collier.
    “I congratulate each of you and your parents. Parents, we thank you for supporting your children and our school. You are truly appreciated,” Ms. Collier said. “Students, your achievements in the realms of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are being honored here by your induction into this society. An honor such as this is a wonderful way for the school and community to recognize and celebrate the choices, and sometimes the sacrifices, you have made. I challenge you to continue to strive towards even loftier goals.”
    Lighting of the Candles of Honor was done by LaRoyia Turner, Leadership; Jah’Liyah Dawson, Service; Aaliyah Paté; Character; Ayden Lowe, Scholarship.
    Ryla Crayton and Melanie Williams led inductees in the NSHS Pledge: “I pledge to uphold the high purposes o the National STEM Honor Society to which I have been selected. I will be true to the principles for which it stands; and will always maintain and encourage the high standards of scholarship, leadership, service, and character.”
    Conducting the Pinning and Presentation of Certificates were Julie McDonald, STEM Coach; Caroline Hughes, STEM Coach; Leslie Sellers, Assistant Principal; Toya McMillian, Principal.
    During the ceremony, inductees presented two musical selections, “World of Wonder” and “RAP.”
    Ms. McMillian told the students how proud she is of them. She also thanked parents for entrusting their children to Rachel Patterson.
    A reception was held following the program.