NHS 10-0, headed to playoffs

News Sports Writer

The Northview Chiefs wrapped up their regular season with another win against the Panama City Bay Tornadoes at home, Friday, November 4. They have had a spectacular year so far with a perfect season at 10-0. Now on the road to state – The Chiefs will host the winner of the Freeport and Holmes County game on November 18 at home in Bratt.
Starting off Friday night’s game, quarterback Kaden Odom passed the ball to Luke Bridges for a first down. Unfortunately for the Chiefs, Odom threw an interception, turning the ball over to Bay. Northview’s defense was able to hold the Tornadoes and regain possession of the ball. The Chiefs and Tornadoes did not score in the first quarter.
In the second quarter, Bay had the ball, but they did not score. Odom passed the ball to Wyatt for a first down, and Jamarkus Jefferson followed with a touchdown. With a good kick from Brandon Ferguson, the Chiefs were up 7-0. Bay did not score when they had the ball, and the Chiefs soon got it back. Bridges scored for the Chiefs, and Ferguson kicked another good one. Northview was up 14-0 deep into the first half of the game. When Bay got the ball back, they retaliated with a touchdown, but the kick was blocked by Simeon Sanders, bringing the score 14-6. On Northview’s next possession, Odom got a first down, and Jefferson ran it in for another touchdown. Ferguson’s extra point was good yet again, and the Chiefs were up 21-6 at the end of the first half.
In the second half of the game, Bridges scored for the second time, and Northview got the extra point, which brought the score up 28-6. Bay didn’t score on their possession, and the ball was turned over to Northview. Jefferson ran it in for his third touchdown of the night, and the extra point was good. The Chiefs were up 35-6 at the end of the third quarter.
To end the game strong, Odom passed the ball to Maliki Haynes for the final touchdown of the night in the last quarter, bringing the score 41-6 at the end of the game.
The Chiefs have had a spectacular season thus far, and fans and players alike are excited to see where it goes.
“I’m super proud of this team” quarterback Kaden Odom said. “We have fought so hard this year and laid it all out there. Since our first day of summer workouts, our key word of the season has been to ‘finish.’ We finished the season perfect, but there’s a new season starting Monday.”
Luke Bridges added, “It feels amazing. We’ve been doing this since we were little kids, so it’s great to relive this feeling, but the job isn’t finished. It’s time for the real season to start.”
Finally, Jefferson said, “It feels great to go undefeated. We put in so much hard work, blood, sweat, and tears, and it paid off. This is something that doesn’t happen often. We accomplished one of our goals, now it’s time for the other. It’s a new season, time to go undefeated again.”
The Chiefs will host their next game on November 18 at 7 at their home field in Bratt. Because they are currently the number one seed in their region, they get a bye week next Friday.