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Inmate tries to escape through ACH ceiling


News Staff Writer

Atmore Police Department officials reported last week that a Monroeville man, held in the city jail for his involvement in an October 16 domestic incident, now faces additional charges after he tried to climb through Atmore Community Hospital’s ceiling after being taken there by ambulance.
Police reports indicate that the incident began around noon on October 18, when 27-year-old Savon Hurst was taken by ambulance from Atmore Municipal Jail to the local hospital after he complained constantly of headaches and an upset stomach.
Hurst had been detained in the city lockup for three days on domestic violence and theft charges.
Reports show that after the ambulance took him to ACH’s emergency room, Hurst asked his police guard if he could use the restroom. The officer gave his consent, then escorted Hurst to the restroom and waited outside the door.
After several minutes, the officer “heard items striking the floor” in the restroom. The city lawman entered the room and found that the inmate had removed the ceiling tiles and “was attempting to escape through the ceiling.”
Hurst was quickly taken into custody and now faces additional charges of third-degree escape and second-degree criminal mischief.
This time, he was taken to the Escambia County Detention Center, where he remained Monday afternoon (October 24), according to the jail website.