Escambia County high schools receive an $8,000 gift

Special to Atmore News

Schools can always put extra money to good use, and all three Escambia County high schools got a bonus Monday from a state legislator.
State Senator Greg Albritton made the rounds, dropping off checks for $8,000 to each high school. W.S. Neal, Flomaton, and Escambia County High Schools were three of the 13 schools in Albritton’s Senate District to receive the funds. Four local libraries also got checks.
Albritton says the money is from Community Grant Funds, and each year he is able to give back to local schools.
“Taxpayer funds are being returned to the taxpayers for immediate use,” he said.
He added that there are no strings attached, that schools can use the money any way they wish. The amounts aren’t always the same, and this year’s check is much bigger than the one from 2021.
W.S. Neal Principal Todd Williamson was thrilled to receive the extra money, noting that Senator Albritton has been very supportive of schools. “You’ve always been very good to us,” he told the legislator. Last year Neal used some of the funds to build the new agriculture facility.

Brewton resident Randy Tatano is a veteran TV news reporter and network producer, and is currently a novelist and freelance writer for the Escambia County School System.