NHS wins over rival Jay

News Sports Writer

The Northview Chiefs took home their seventh straight win of the season last Friday night in Jay. With a final score of 49-13, the Chiefs have continued to impress fans each week of their season this far. Because it was a rival game, it makes their win even more significant for the community.
Jay received first but Northview scored first when Jamarkus Jefferson ran in for a touchdown.
The extra point was good, making the score 7-0 early on in the first quarter. Northview’s defense held the Royals, and they had no choice but to punt on the fourth down. When the Chiefs got the ball back, quarterback Kaden Odom passed the ball to Aiden Broadhead to put the Chiefs closer to the end zone. With a run from Jefferson into the end zone, the Chiefs scored again. With the extra point being good, the score was 14-0.
In the second quarter, the Jay Royals got their first touchdown of the night, making the score closer at 14-7. Later on in the second quarter, Northview’s Maliki Haynes made a huge play on defense with an interception of about 75 yards, getting the ball back for the Chiefs. When back on offense, Jefferson ran the ball in for his third touchdown of the night. Ferguson’s kick was good yet again, making the score 21-7 at half time.
Going into the third quarter, Odom passed the ball to Broadhead for a touchdown. The extra point was good, which made the score 28-7. The Royals got the ball back, but Northview’s John Michael Ward got a sack on while on defense, and right after Simeon Sanders got a fumble recovery which gave Northview possession. Odom passed to Luke Bridges for a touchdown. The extra point was good yet again, which brought the Chiefs up even more with a score of 35-7. The Royals got the ball back, but they were not able to push pass Northview’s defense. When back on offense, Wyatt Scruggs got a touchdown for the Chiefs, and with the good extra point, the score was 42-7. When the Royals gained possession of the ball again, they scored; however, the Chiefs blocked their kick making the score 42-13. On defense, Ward had a fumble recovery, handing the ball back over to the Chiefs. Bridges ran the ball to the 1-yard line, and Jefferson finished it off by running it into the end zone for the final touchdown of the night. With another good extra point, the final score was 49-13.
“It felt great to beat our rivals after they called us out earlier in the year,” Aiden Broadhead said. Luke Bridges added, “It was a great team win, and I’m glad we are still able to show people and other teams what we are really about.”
The Chiefs will be on the road for the third week in a row this week traveling to Marianna. This will be a long ride for the Chiefs, but they are still eager to go out and play their best. They have had a show-stopping season thus far, gaining traction from fans all over the community. Come out and support if you can; you will not be disappointed. It starts at 7, don’t be late!