Author visits Rachel Patterson Elementary

From left, Maria Ewing, Alaina Ewing, Raquel Ewing
Alaina Ewing shows an illustration of the sky in transformation

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It isn’t often elementary school students get to meet an author. And it’s certainly a rarity when an author visits a school and reads her book to the students.
Friday, September 16, author Alaina Colleen Ewing visited Rachel Patterson Elementary School and read her book to kindergarten and first-grade classes.
Ewing, a self-published author and illustrator, read her first book, The Sky Has Feelings, to the students, who were very appreciative and enthusiastic.
Ewing tells how the idea for the book came about: “I was admiring a sunrise some years past when it dawned on me that the sky is not just blue. To most eyes it appears that way, but even then, it is only from time to time because the sky transforms into all sorts of hues and shades every day. Then I thought that it was kind of like a person flowing through their feelings. In fact, often when the sky is gray and raining, we feel a little down. When it’s a bright and sunny day, we feel better. We’re alike. We’re connected! What a beautiful and magical thing I wish I’d realized when I was young. I never went through my feelings alone, and each one I experienced was – and still is! – a natural part of life.”
Accompanying Ewing were her mother, Maria Sutton Ewing, and her sister, Raquel Ewing.