Independence Day

Congressman Jerry Carl

Last year as we entered Independence Day Weekend, the Biden White House bragged that the cost of an average family’s 4th of July cookout was down 16 cents compared to 2020. Wow, did that age poorly. This year’s Independence Day celebration will cost the most it has ever cost for the average family as prices for nearly everything continue to skyrocket thanks to Bidenflation.
According to a study by the Farm Bureau, this year’s cookout will cost the average family more than $10 extra compared to last year. High fuel prices, which I’ve written about multiple times, are the largest reason why prices for goods are up. Gas is up 55 percent this week compared to this time exactly a year ago and continues rising as the Biden admin wages war on domestic production. This means it costs you more to get to the store, more to purchase your food and drinks for your family cookout, and significantly more if your family traveled over the holiday. Even fireworks have gone up drastically because of huge increases in shipping costs.
It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the frustration and stress of making ends meet. I remember when Tina and I were first married and living paycheck to paycheck in the late 70s and early 80s. With the inflation we dealt with then, there were many times where I honestly had no idea how we’d make it to the end of the week. I prayed every Friday that I’d be able to make it to work and back home with what little gas I had in the tank.
The hard times we are dealing with across the country today remind of those days when it seemed like there was often no light at the end of the tunnel. Despite this, I know our best days are ahead. We will get through these tough times because the American spirit is unbreakable. It’s as unbreakable today as it was nearly 250 years ago when a small group of courageous men declared independence from the grip of an oppressive government.
As I spent time this weekend surrounded by my family, I was reminded of why I ran for Congress and why I’m so encouraged to not give up the fight for our country. There is no doubt we are dealing with so much hardship and tragedy, but we have been through worse and have always come through times stronger than ever before. We cannot give up hope or become overwhelmed with negativity because we all have a duty as Americans to preserve and protect this great Republic for future generations to come. Let’s all work together to continuing building a more perfect union and never forget how blessed we are to live in the greatest country on Earth.