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Wanda Hall retires

Wanda Hall

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Wanda Hall retired Monday, February 28, having worked 42 years at First National Bank (later First National Bank & Trust). At retirement, she was senior vice president, chief financial officer and audit liaison.
“It has been a good 42 years and a bad 42 years,” Wanda said. “When you work nine-, ten-, and twelve-hour days, this is your family. You don’t see your own family.”
Looking around at the guests at her retirement reception, Wanda said. “I raised some of these people here. I will miss all of y’all.”
In his comments, FNB&T President Paul Oberkirch said, “This is an exciting and sad day. Wanda told me she’s only a block away if we need her. I will miss you, Wanda. You will always have a family here whether you’re here or a block away.”
One of the people Wanda acknowledged was former FNB President Ollie Strawbridge who hired her 42 years ago.
“I appreciate everybody coming out today,” Wanda said. “I appreciate the bank for allowing me to work here. I hope I leave a mark here – a good mark.”