Carl holds town hall in Atmore

Shown chatting after the program are, from left, Ala. Senator Greg Albritton, Congressman Jerry Carl, and Ala. Representative Alan Baker.

News Publisher

Immigration and government spending were two of the main topics discussed by U.S. Representative Jerry Carl (R-District 1) during a town hall Wednesday, June 2, at Atmore City Hall.
Immigration at the border is not what most people think, Carl said. He visited the border a few weeks ago and shared some of what’s happening that most people don’t know about. If people coming across the border do not have a child with them, they are sent back across the border, so now the cartel is renting children out.
Immigrants are coming mainly from Cuba, Brazil and Romania. Those coming from Romania buy airline tickets to Cancun, get tourism cards, and go to a border city. They pay $5,000 to $10,000. Chinese play $30,000-plus. These are not poor people, Carl said. Estimates are that 157,000 entered illegally last month, but it could be much higher.
Carl said some in Congress have been putting pressure on the Biden administration to address illegal immigration.
“We’ve got to figure out a way to get the president’s attention,” he said. “We’ve got a huge drug issue down there.”
Turning to the abortion issue, Carl talked briefly about the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. As it stands now, a baby who survives an abortion or an attempted abortion may be allowed to die. Carl is working on a bill to change that.
Regarding the woke movement: “The woke movement is beginning to turn,” Carl said. “The world we live in here is protected, in Atmore, in District 1. We can still raise kids in peace. You know who your neighbors are …
“The only way to fix Washington D.C. is to tear walls down and come together. We’ve got to stop viewing [everything] as Democrat or Republican. We’ve got to stop fighting over issues created by Democrats or Republicans.”
When Carl opened the town hall to questions, several in the audience participated.
When asked his opinion on UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon), Carl said, “There’s a lot of technology we can’t talk about … We have about three thousand satellites in space now. Future wars and technology will be there.”
Carl was asked about the government’s printing of money at will and the affect on inflation. “It’s all coming,” Carl said. “At some point, place and time, we’ve got to quit spending.”
When asked about the 2020 election integrity, Carl said, “The election in State of Alabama went without a hitch. We had a good, fair election. Georgia changed to voter ID, that’s good. Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee are tweaking [election laws]. We don’t need to let the federal government run elections.”
Carl was asked about help for the underserved communities. “The Democrat party is on a spending spree,” Carl said. “Our number one job is security – internet, shores, everything. Something Trump did very well was pulling away regulations. We can’t get this administration to slow down and listen … Inflation is coming. They’re [Democrats] are too busy trying to tear Trump out of everything.”
A member of the audience, who said he reads Carl’s weekly column in Atmore News, said, “You talk about [Democrats] disparaging Trump. All you do is talk bad about Biden.”
“I’m on the federal level,” Carl said. “As a Republican, people want to hear my opinion. I can’t give you anything positive [about Biden].”
When asked about the fate of small towns, Carl said, “High speed internet will save small towns.”