The football section

We started publishing Atmore News in June 2005. I haven’t looked back at our first-year editions, but I’m sure we did a football section that fall. With this edition, that makes 15 football sections.
Every year, the section has been a pretty easy one to work on. We talk to the coaches, band directors and cheerleader sponsors / coaches. Usually, well before the season starts, everything is in place at the schools. Practices. Summer camps.
And we’re all ready for the season to begin – complete with lots of players on the field, cheerleaders on the sidelines, and the band in the bleachers and on the field at halftime.
Until this year. Our 2020 football section has been tough to put together. Every aspect of the school year is different – from virtual school to small in-person classes. All that has affected sports and extracurricular activities.
Cheerleaders who usually travel to a summer camp – and compete against other squads – mostly had home camps this year.
It’s up to each band director to decide if their program will march or play from the bleachers. With few students actually at the school, the decision is sometimes taken out of a director’s hands.
I don’t know how the coaches have been dealing with practices – probably much like they’ll deal with the actual games.
Fans in the stadium will see designated seating areas to allow for social distancing.
Some schools started the year earlier than others so more has been done in getting ready for football season. You’ll see that some articles in our special section are longer than others, and that’s part of the reason.
If we think it’s been tough putting this section together, think what it’s been like for the coaches, directors and sponsors.
I saw this the other day: Most teachers are building the plane as they fly it. This also applies to administrators, coaches, directors and sponsors.
Our hats are off to them.