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Tuberville visits Atmore

Gehmans interview candidate at length

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Tommy Tuberville, U.S. Senate (AL) candidate, former Auburn head coach, was in Atmore Thursday, October 31, for a lengthy interview with Jerry Gehman and David Gehman on WGYJ-LP radio.
Tuberville was accompanied by Tripp Skipper, who is serving as the candidate’s general consultant..
Following are some comments in response to questions Tuberville was asked.
* Asked how it’s different being a coach and running for office, Tuberville said you’re still dealing with people, still communicating, talking and listening.
* Running for office: “I’m doing this to help and to give back. I want to give back to the country that gave me so much.”
Tuberville would not take a salary, but would donate the money to charity.
“My wife and I prayed about this. I am the most qualified. I have had a job for 40 years.
This country is in trouble. I want to go help …
“I am a Christian conservative. Since the 60s, we took God out of school and now we’re paying the consequences. This country is built on Christian values … people are trying to take this country, trying to take God away from us and we not going to let that happen.”
* Education: “The key to freedom is education. We’ve dumbed it down. We’re sending out kids not prepared for the real world.”
Tuberville said if he had a magic wand, he would blow up the [federal] Department of Education and return education to each state.
* The Constitution: “For 243 years, we’ve made it because of the Constitution. As we speak, people in DC and across the country would love to pull the plug on this radio station and this church.”
As for the Second Amendment, “We’re not giving our guns up.”
* Abortion: “I am prolife 100 percent. When you go through the Pearly Gates, the good Lord is going to ask you, ‘Where did you stand on abortion?'”
* President Trump: “I want to go to DC to help get on his side and take that stick out of his hand and give him a baseball bat. Thank God he was elected … Trump knows who I am. He knows I’m coming.”
Tuberville said he’s a different kind of candidate: “I’m not politically correct and I don’t need their money.”
The Republican primary for the seat is March 3, 2020. The general election is Nov. 3, 2020.
WGYJ-LP 93.5 FM will air Tuberville’s interview in its entirety again Friday, November 8, 10 a.m.