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Sowing seeds

Noel Davis, center, visits with Goldie and Lester Huber following the meeting.

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Wycliffe Associates is about one thing – to have a Bible in every language by 2025.
That’s a lofty goal considering there are more than a billion people with no Scripture and almost 2,000 people groups with no written language.
Wycliffe is working to translate Scripture into people’s heart language – the language their mother spoke, the language she spoke to them when they were a baby.
Monday evening, October 28, Noel Davis, Wycliffe South Central Area director, held a dinner meeting in Atmore to raise awareness and funds for Bible translation.
This year’s theme is Seeds in Good Soil. God’s Word is the seed. Men’s hearts are the soil.
Davis noted there is a battle for the hearts of man. The Word floods into their dry souls, and parched souls become a well-watered garden. But so many in the world still don’t have the Word.
Through technology, Bible translation has been greatly accelerated. A project that once took 20 years is now completed in two to three years.
Currently, Wycliffe has translated Bibles into 683 languages. There are 1,200 translations in progress, and 800 are on hold due to funding.