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Joe Hall passes away


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Immediately, the prayers started. By the dozens, by the hundreds.
Joe “Cowboy” Hall’s illness was the focus of Facebook postings for several days and nights. The prayers for healing became prayers for the family when Joe passed away Tuesday, September 24. His healing came – but not here.
Cowboy was the community’s friend and helper. Most recently, he and his wife Lauri became the face of Atmore Area Christian Care Ministry. The AACCM board honored them as Volunteers of the Year last November.
Joe served in the US Army. He was a Vietnam veteran and proud of his service.
Out of the service, he worked construction. During his career, he worked for several companies as a project manager, mostly commercial work (shopping centers, etc.)
At one time, Joe and Lauri owned a business downtown – Cowboy’s Trading Corral.
Many people got to know Joe and Lauri when they were on the arts and crafts circuit with their tire swings and flower planters. For several years, they were a regular at Williams Station Day. It was a perfect venue for Joe – folks coming by, stopping to talk. The saying, “He never met a stranger” was written for him.
All of the above is true of Joe Hall. But his impact on the community came from his friendliness, his willingness to help – simply, his love for people.
Joe’s life changed when he met the Lord. He surrendered his life in May 2011. He called it his Born Again Birthday, and he always welcomed the opportunity to talk about his new life in Christ.
Joe’s servant heart was well expressed on Facebook by his son Wade: My Dad tried to help so many people and he did just what he set his mind to do! My Dad believed in people, not a social standing of someone. “Everyone needs help from time to time of some sort,” he told me several times. It’s us who have to help our neighbors, strangers and friends. There is nothing more honorable than a volunteer willing to help someone else or to protect or help change someone’s life for the better!
If you knew Cowboy, your life is better for having known him.
A Celebration of Life will be held Saturday, October 19, 11 a.m., at Grace Fellowship.
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