Community Education News

Students attend space camp

Escambia County Gifted Program students in fourth, fifth, and sixth grades recently had the opportunity to attend Robotics Pathfinder Space Camp in Huntsville. While attending this camp, students learned how to program EV-3 robots. They eventually had a competition to see which teams were able to complete the most tasks with their robots and earn the most points. Shown at space camp are, from left, Mr. Larry (team leader), Ashlyn Blake, Emilie Ziglar, Charleigh McPherson, Ryder Nease, Blakley Johnson, Jazmyne Bouler, and Kaden Cumbie; middle, Cooper Davidson, Maurice Dixon, Phoenyx Salter, Jeremiah Dean, Russell Lassiter, Tripp Cannon, Julianna Grimes, Jewel Dekort, Ms. Chassidy (team leader); back, Ms. Aileen Cork, Ms. Dianna Blake, Lynn Crews, Kylie Wiggins, Lisa Hurley (Gifted Specialist) William Sanders, Zeniya Perry, Ms. Jaqueline Grimes.