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CACC students study in Germany

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Students playing in the snow on Mt. Rigi in the Swiss Alps

Adventurers from Coastal Alabama Community College journeyed to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, as well as the tiny country of Liechtenstein for a short-term study abroad program during the Spring semester. Though there were some seasoned travelers in the group, others experienced their very first flight when they left Atlanta for a non-stop trans-Atlantic trip to Munich.
Rather than an ordinary trip to the beach, the group visited sites as varied as a concentration camp, castles, museums, shopping centers, the BMW world headquarters, and a cuckoo clock factory. The students enjoyed watching The Sound of Music while riding from Innsbruck to Lucerne, and most of them, whether they intended to or not, sang “The hills are alive!” when they found themselves in the splendor of the Alps.
Dr. Barbara McMillan, an instructor and study abroad leader at Coastal Alabama Community College, has taken students on international travel adventures since 2008.
“Students who study abroad gain so much more than simply memories of a trip,” McMillan said. “They have opportunities to plan, problem solve, and compromise while becoming savvy travelers with cross-cultural awareness. We are in a globalizing economy. Study abroad gives students an employability edge by making them more confident in many areas.”
Participants in the trip to Germany this year were Faith Ayres, BJ Bonner, Allison Fleming, Maggie Heger, Taylor Heger, Elysa Holland, Erin Killian, Epsie Long, Madison McGhee, Bob McMillan, Wesley Richardson, Lindsey Smith, Pat and Mary Spears, and Micaiah Zundel.
Coastal Alabama students and community members are already registering for 2020 Spring Break Abroad in Scotland. For information, contact Dr. McMillan at