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Retirees honored

Retirees in attendance, from left, Lois Miller, Sally Denton, Brenda Taylor, and Diane Holmes/ News photo by Gretchen McPherson/Tri-City Ledger

News Staff Report

The Escambia County Board of Education, Superintendent John Knott and school principals honored this year’s school system retirees with a reception Tuesday, May 14. Thirteen retirees were recognized, but only four were in attendance.
Retirees are
Sally Denton, W.S. Neal Elementary School, 38.15 years
Alice Hall, Huxford Elementary School, 15 years
Diane Holmes, Flomaton Elementary School, 23.6 years
Arthur Lambert, Atmore bus shop, 13 years
Rebecca D. Lassiter, Rachel Patterson Elementary School, 26 years
Gail Miller, Brewton bus shop, 24.9 years
Lois Miller, W.S. Neal Middle School, 30 years
Terri Parkinson, Flomaton High School, 27 years
Barbara Shipp, Pollard McCall Junior High School (lunchroom) – 14 years
Brenda Taylor, W.S. Neal Elementary School, 28.24 years
Ouida Wall, Rachel Patterson Elementary School, 10 years
Connie Waller, Huxford Elementary School, 13.55 years
Dan Walton, Atmore maintenance department, 10.5 years